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CLOGS CLOGS : Flerov should be put to the vote. He forgot, as Sergey Ivanovitch explained to him afterwards, this syllogism: that it was necessary for clogs public good to get rid of the marshal of the province; that to get rid of the marshal it was necessary to have a majority of votes; that to get a majority of votes it was necessary to secure Flerov's right to vote; that to secure the recognition of Flerov's right to vote they must decide on the interpretation to be put on the act. "And one clogs may decide the whole question and one must be clogs and consecutive, if one wants to be of use in public life," concluded Sergey Ivanovitch. But Levin forgot all that, and it was painful to clogs to see all these clogs persons, for whom he had a respect, in such an unpleasant and vicious state of

CLOGS : excitement. To escape from this painful feeling clogs went away into the other room where there was nobody except the clogs clogs the refreshment bar. Seeing the waiters busy over washing clogs the crockery and setting in order their plates and wine glasses, seeing their calm and cheerful faces, Levin felt clogs unexpected sense of relief as though he had come out of a stuffy room into the fresh air. He began walking up and down, looking with pleasure at the waiters. He particularly liked the way one gray-whiskered waiter, who showed his scorn for the other younger ones and was jeered at by them, was teaching them how to fold up napkins properly. Levin was just about to enter into conversation with the old waiter, when the secretary of the court of wardship, a little old man whose specialty it was to know all

CLOGS : the noblemen of the province by name and patronymic, drew him away. "Please come, Konstantin Dmitrievitch," he said, "your brother's looking for you. They are voting on the legal point." Levin walked into the room, received a white ball, and followed his brother, Sergey Ivanovitch, to the table where Sviazhsky was standing with clogs significant and ironical face, holding his beard in his fist and sniffing at it. Sergey Ivanovitch put his hand into the box, put the ball somewhere, and making room for Levin, stopped. Levin advanced, but utterly clogs what he was to do, and much embarrassed, he turned to Sergey Ivanovitch with the question, "Where am I to put it?" He asked this softly, at a moment when there was talking clogs clogs near, so that he had hoped his question would clogs be overheard. But the persons speaking

CLOGS : paused, and his improper question was overheard. Sergey Ivanovitch frowned. "That is a matter for each man's own decision," he said severely. Several people smiled. Levin crimsoned, hurriedly thrust clogs hand under the cloth, and put the ball to the right as it was in his right hand. Having put it in, he recollected that he ought to have thrust his clogs hand too, and so he thrust it clogs though too late, and, still more overcome with confusion, he beat a hasty retreat into the background. "A hundred and twenty-six for admission! Ninety-eight against!" sang out the voice of the secretary, who could not clogs the letter r. Then there was a laugh; a clogs and two nuts were found in the box. The nobleman was allowed the right to vote, and the new party had conquered. But the old party did not consider themselves conquered. Levin

CLOGS : heard that they were asking Snetkov to stand, and he saw that a crowd of noblemen was surrounding the marshal, who was saying something. Levin went clogs clogs reply Snetkov clogs of the trust the noblemen of the province had placed in him, the affection they had shown him, which he did not deserve, as his only merit had been his attachment to the nobility, to whom he had devoted twelve years of service. Several times clogs repeated the words: "I have served to the best of my powers with truth and good faith, I value your goodness and thank you," and clogs he stopped short from the tears that choked him, and went out of the room. Whether these tears came from a sense of the injustice being done him, from his love for the nobility, or from the


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